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New York businessman and entrepreneur Michael Fortinberry has had years of experience in the industry. Over the years, he has mastered the implementation of new technology in his business ventures.

Michael Fortinberry has been involved with several successful business ventures, many of which would not be possible without technology and modern developments. His first two big breaks were at EmpireCore, LLC, and PPG Services. These two positions gave him the industry experience required to found his first company, Sciovia. Sciovia is a business advisory service that combines technology and construction into one seamless service. 

Currently, two ventures keep Michael Fortinberry’s professional life busy: Perennial Construction Services and Protiv. Michael is the Senior Vice President of Perennial Construction Services, a multi-family turnover, and renovation company. The construction company specializes in the implementation of new technology, utilizing it to complete large-scale apartment construction projects. The second business venture currently occupying Michael’s time is Protiv. 

Michael Fortinberry is the Co-Founder and COO of Protiv, a revolutionary new payment platform inspired by human potential. Michael founded the company in October 2021, though it took three years of development and testing to get to this point. Protiv has the potential to change any industry, transform business models, and revolutionize finances. How? It links costs to production, saving business owners money while empowering hourly employees to reward themselves directly. Protiv offers productive employees higher compensation through their productivity. In other words – it directly rewards people who work hard and efficiently. 

Protiv prides itself on paying employees a fair price for their labor while reducing overhead costs. Part of the reason Michael Fortinberry felt so passionate about creating Protiv is that he loves the ripple effect. In other words, he enjoys watching one simple change’s lasting and lingering effects. He hopes that Protiv will prove to be that change, making the lives of blue-collar workers more comfortable and successful. In turn, he hopes these positive changes will ripple outward, improving the lives of everyone they touch. 

None of the business ventures Michael Fortinberry has been involved in would be so successful without technology. The truth is that Michael has always been fascinated with new technology and relishes implementing it in new and innovative ways. This passion helped drive the birth of Protiv, and the development of Perennial Construction Services. Give him time, and it’s likely Michael Fortinberry will find new ways to revolutionize the industry with the latest technological developments.

There are many demands that take up Michael Fortinberry’s spare time. However, he always makes time for his favorite hobby: sailing. Sailing is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Not only does Michael enjoy sailing on his own, but he helps to share this passion with others. He is a volunteer with the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation, which teaches sailing to children from eight to thirteen years of age. He is also a Sailing Instructor for the American Sailing Association. 

To learn more about Michael Fortinberry, visit his other sites, MichaelFortinberry.com and MichaelFortinberry.net.

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